SGP Community Day 2017

Bringing together manufacturers, suppliers and customers.

Join SGP for an in-depth look at the continuing evolution of sustainable supply chains. Companies are moving forward to integrate environmentally sound choices into their supply chain management.

This is the premier networking and educational opportunity for members of the print supply chain to learn more about sustainable business practices and assuring a more sustainable supply chain. Interact with the print buying community in the Pacific Northwest. Hear about the benefits of being SGP certified from members of the SGP Community – SGP Printers, Brand Leaders, Patrons and Resource Partners.

Complimentary tickets, discounts and dinner options are available for SGP Community members including SGP Printers, SGP Applicants, SGP SGP Brand Leaders/Print Buyers, SGP Patrons and SGP Resource Partners. Additional attendees for event and dinner must be from the same company. The dinner is for SGP Community members and non-profits.
After Nov. 8, 2017, onsite registrations only.

For more information, email